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Luke  17:6 “If Ye Had Faith As A Grain of Mustard Seed”


First John 2:10 “He That Loveth His Brother Abideth In The Light”


Luke  16:19 “In Hell He Lifted Up His Eyes Being In Torments”


First John 1:1 “If We Say That We Have No Sin We Deceive Ourselves”


Luke  16:13 “No Servant Can Serve Two Masters”


Second Timothy 4:17 “The Lord Stood With Me and Strengthened Me”


Luke  15:24 “My Son Was Dead and Is Alive Again”


Second Timothy 4:7 “I Have Fought A Good Fight”


Luke  15:2 “This Man Receiveth Sinners”


Second Timothy 3:7 “Ever Learning and Never Able to Come to the Knowledge of the Truth”


Luke  14:3 “Is It Lawful to Heal on the Sabbath Day”


Second Timothy 2:22 “Follow Righteousness Faith Love and Peace”


Luke  13:28 “There Shall Be Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth”


Second Timothy 2:9 “The Word of God Is Not Bound”


Luke  13:5 “Except Ye Repent Ye Shall All Likewise Perish”


Second Timothy 1:13 “Hold Fast the Form of Fast Words”


Luke  12:40 “The Son of Man Cometh at an Hour When Ye Think Not”


Second Timothy 1:1 “Grace Mercy and Peace”


Luke  12:31 “But Rather Seek Ye the Kingdom of God”


First Timothy 6:15 “King of kings and Lord of lords”


Luke  12:1 “Even the Very Hairs of Your Head Are Numbered”


First Timothy 6:10 “The Love of Money Is the Root of All Evil”


Luke  11:33 “No Man When He Hath Lighted a Candle Putteth It In a Secret Place”


First Timothy 5:18 “Thou Shalt Not Muzzle the Ox That Treadeth Out the Corn”


Luke  11:17 “A Kingdom Divided Against Itself Is Brought to Desolation”






















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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